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6 Hour DDC
It is now required by law that every new driver must have a Defensive
Driving Course to exit the Graduated Licensing Program. 
  This is also considered a Mandatory Driver Improvement Course for those people needing a course for point reduction. This course is offered in a variety of locations.
  Call us today to find one near you. (902) 665-2831
  6 Hour Class, No Testing
    Dangerous Maneuvers
    Crosswalk Safety
  Highway Safety
  Guest Speakers
  Certificate Upon Completion
New Course Dates DDC Digby - March 20, 2019 Middleton - March 20, 2019 Bridgetown - May 11, 2019 Greenwood - May 18, 2019 Call to get the restrictions off of your license or if you received a letter requiring you to take a Mandatory Driver Improvement Course All classes start at 9:00 am
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